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Luxury Store

This is LEGO Luxury Store! This set has been inspired by 1700-1800s classic "old town" architecture. I tried to make it so it has a nice color scheme, is playable and also has lots of cute details. This set has been constructed on a green 32x32 base plate and has 100% compatibility with LEGO's current Creator Expert modular building sets and I think this set would be a really nice addition to that line-up. This set consists total of 2550 bricks.
The set has 12 different minifigures. 5 of them being employees of the store plus 1 guard, 1 thief, 1 young couple, 1 older customer and a father with his daughter. Plus there are 4 different mannequins, 3 of them at 1st floor display window and 1 knight at the toy section on the 2nd floor.This set also includes one small dark green delivery truck. I tried to capture some nice play "scenes" as the example pictures.
The luxury store has 3 floors. The first floor has brand clothing, wrist watches, jewelry, cashier and loading ramp for deliveries plus small storage section below the escalator. Between 1st and 2nd floor there is escalator by which customers can easily go from floor to floor. The second floor has a sushi bar and the toy section. There are hidden ladders to the third floor which functions as a storage room plus the living quarters for the maintenance/delivery guy of the store. The roof is kind of greenish because it is one of those old copper roofs which has turned greenish over the years.
This set took about 1,5 week to design and make. I hope you like it :)
PS Can you find the panda? ;D

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