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Lego Coffee Maker


This is my Lego Ideas proposed project: the Lego Coffee Maker. This appliance is a staple in millions of homes and plays a key part in starting many people’s mornings. In addition, coffee is more than a simple beverage choice for many; it is a hobby and a craft.


While this model offers little in terms of play, I feel it has a certain amount of novelty to it that some Lego fans find appealing. It has a few little details, like spoon, mug, and sugar cubes that add to a fairly standard peace of adulthood mornings. This model has 281 pieces, and so could fit as an easy decoration on work desks, kitchen counters, or other surfaces of display.


Of note is the fact that I did not base this particular appliance on any one real-world coffee maker, rather an amalgam of certain various elements I liked from existing designs, and my own original inputs. Hope you enjoy!

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