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Fire Truck


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Here is an epic fire truck with crew who are ready to take care of the next big fire in LEGO city. Although LEGO fire trucks have been done before, I was never really satisfied with them. Typically, they are very small and don't reflect the awe-inspiring grandeur of a real-life fire truck. This fire truck fixes that problem. It is 10-studs wide from mirror to mirror, 6-studs wide from tire to tire, and can safely drive on an 8-stud wide road. It also measures 32 studs long. This equals out to around 3 inches wide, 10 inches long, and 3 inches tall. This also means that its proportions are like those of a real life truck. With a total of 563 pieces, this fire truck comes with three minifigures (driver, assistant, and ladder operator). It also features many storage compartments just like on a real truck. The ladder can raise, lower, rotate, and extend. The doors and compartments can open. Also, the spools on both sides of the truck are for string to act as hoses. (I didn't know how to make string in Studio.) The truck also has two removable roof sections so that you can easily access the driver and assistant. This fire truck is packed with details both inside and outside of the truck, and it also captures the size of a real truck in comparison to cars. It would make an excellent addition to any LEGO city as well as being a statement piece all by itself on a desk or shelf.

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