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Diamond Ore: a Minecraft Ore Pack


Diamonds are my favorite materiel in Minecraft, so this ore is essential in my series.  I tried several things in the making of the Diamond Ore. 

My first idea was to use a turquoise color for the diamonds, but it didn’t take long to figure out that I have almost none of those pieces.  Then I got out fluorescent blue 1X1 cylinders (which I have a ton of).  I was happy that I had the pieces to make this first draft, but Minecraft is just blocks, so I had to take out these too.

I started to panic, realizing I might not be able to create this!  But I spotted a pile of blue bricks and I put them on instead.  It was blocks, so it looked like Minecraft, but I was still a little bit disappointed that I hadn’t been able to go with my first idea.  I thought about using Photoshop to change the color, but I knew that would be cheating not to mention that it wouldn’t work.

When I look back now, I’m proud to see that my model worked out anyway.  But my struggle will all be for nothing if you don’t support this and try and help it on the long, long road to 10,000.  

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