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Umbrellamouth Gulper Eel

The umbrellamouth gulper eel (scientific name Eurypharynx pelecanoides) is a large, eel- like deep sea animal well known for its disproportionately large mouth. It, like its relatives in the Saccopharyngiformes family (pelican eels), are not true eels, but are simply called that due to their appearance. 
     In this set I have made a 1/2 scale version of the monotypic Eurypharynx pelecanoides. Its whole  body is posable, as well as the tiny fins just behind its head, and the brobdingnagian (huge) lower jaw. This set is very accurate, with a gray coloring, a huge mouth, and red pieces as its slightly bioluminescent tail. I think this would make an eelogofusiohippopokunurious (good) set because of its accuracy, although I just built it for fun.

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