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Bag End S4 Stand

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Small "L" shape cottage which pivots open and allows you to slide your Samsung Galaxy S4 phone into the building. Pivot the building closed and the phone locks in place. There is an opening on one end to plug in an audio cable to the phone's audio jack, and an opening in the chimney on the other end to plug in the phone charging cable.

With the proper "lock screen" in place on your Galaxy S4 phone, the interior of the cabin lights up to look like the interior of Bag End. The chimney in the picture lines up with the lego chimney. If you peak through the door, you can see further back into bag end. If you peak through one of the windows, you will see the time displayed on the lock screen.

If the phone screen is off, there is a pickaxe on the back of the mountain which can be picked up and used to push a lever, which turns on the phone's screen.

Back view, the charging cable can be plugged into the phone through the chimney on the left.

With the building open, you can slide in your Galaxy S4

Hole for phone's audio jack

With the phone screen on, you can see the inside of bag end lit up!

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