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Star Wars Commando BARC Speeder

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I made this Speeder three years, before Lego made their BARC Speeder, so when I discovered Lego Cuusoo I figured I would put it on as an upgraded BARC Speeder that would be used by Commandos.
The Speeder itself features headlights at the front, rotating blasters on the side, adjustable thrusters and pedals for the Clone which are mounted on the side. This set would make a great addition to anyone’s collection and is very sturdy, so it has an equally as great playability factor.

The set would come with the following Minifigures and vehicle:
1. A BARC Speeder for a Commando
2. And a newly designed Clone Commando to accompany the Speeder

This picture shows how the thrusters at the back can tilt and swivel up and down to aid in agility, speed and taking off.

Each member can only vote once. If you want this set to become reality and for Lego to work its magic and make it even better, make sure that you spread the word however you can. You could do it by social networking or by telling your Lego loving friends. It will bring us one step closer to having an amazing and desirable set for both children and adults who love Lego.

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