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Castle of Bricktopia

“The castle walls were the strongest thing for miles around, standing there as if conjured from the storybook of a child. It was built of stones of varying sizes and shapes, each one unique. Nobody would think anything of were they loose by the roadside, but together they are a castle, the crown of the landscape and protector of the people.”

Hello! I’m back! School just started and I’m probably going to be releasing fewer projects but I’m so glad I’m able to release this one! I always wanted to try to make a classic castle and this was my first go and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out! This project was made with and I was able to get the set down to 2987 pieces.

  • The castle consists of 7 towers, with 3 different designs. 4 of the towers are square and have two duel widows in the font, two of them are circular and the final one has a large triangular roof on the top. 
  • Underneath the castle, I used wedges to make the build look like it was on a cliff. I tried to do this so I could make a waterfall and a pathway up. 
  • Additionally to make the build more colorful and fun I decided on some vegetation, a medieval house, and many flags around the build. I’m really happy with the way they turned out and I believe they add a lot to the build.
  • Inside the two front towers, there are multiple rooms including a planning room, storage, and some rooms to watch the outside of the castle.
  • In the two back towers, there are many rooms including a bedroom, a library, an armory, and a study.
  • Finally, in with the tower that has a tent on the top, I make a chandelier with a chair, and under it, I have a game room.
  • For the Minifigures, I have a king, two knights, and 3 merchants.

Thank you and I appreciate your support!

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