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Moon Squad AAGC


Moon Squad Anti-Aircraft Ground Cannon

This set comprises an Anti Aircraft Groud Cannon, working with blue plasma energie, located inside a small secured area.

The secured area :

The secured area is a squared space surrounded with a blue plasma fence, liberating a small plasma incapaciting discharge to everybody touching it.
The area comprises also a check-point in the form of a closed small building, having on its roof, a space scooter landing plot.
The secured area is equiped, on three corners, with a very effective targeting system, in the form of three small radar self-searching and targeting units.
The targeting system is of course coupled with the ground cannon.

The anti-aircraft ground cannon :

It is a squared building, having a operation center at the bottom, an the actual cannon on the top.
The operation center is piloted by two technicians.

The cannon is fully horizontal rotating (360°C)  and the two turrets can be leaned vertically over almost 25°C, independantly from each other.
A ladder present next to the entrance door, permits an acces to the cannon level for the technicians if necessary.

The vehicles :

The set comprises a space scooter, which is a small flying transport unit for one single minifig.

Further present in this set, a ground wheeled transport vehicle for the transport of isolation units in which a prisoner can be kept and locked in.
The rear part of the vehicle can be folded down, to allow the exit of the isolation unit.
The cockpit can be lifted, to introduce the pilot.
The hood can also be lifted to see te plasma driven motor.

The isolation unit can, of course, be opened, by lifting the front part. (see pictures)


The Minifigs :

This set comprise seven moon squad minifigs.
There are two technicians (without weapons) and the Pilot of the wheeled transport vehicle.

There are also four armed minifigs, in charge of the defense of the complex.
All four units have a plasma shield.
Two of them have a plasma pistol
One has a plasma rifle
And the last one has a plasma ray power phaser.

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