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Blora Elephant (Elephas Hysudrindicus)

Elephas Hysudrindicus, Commonly known as Gajah Blora (lit. Blora Elephant) in Indonesia, is an extinct prehistoric Elephant that was lived in Java. It was discovered in East Java, and it was one of the biggest elephant from the genus.

Why did I build this?
I built it because I wanted to introduce an Indonesian culture/anything that linked with Indonesia. I believe that the entire world will know this, one of the largest elephants from the genus Elephas. I'm also curious about the product ideas in this LEGO Ideas website, so I tried to upload this idea. If this idea approved by LEGO, this would be the first Indonesian LEGO set ever.

-- Software used --
I built this with LEGO Digital Designer, and the first slide was made by converting LDD into and then blender for the final model, and used Photoshop to edit the background.

This is the PNG image of the model:

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