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Exo Suit

The Exo Suit is my most popular model on Flickr, and has appeared in the LEGO book and LEGO MBA kit 3.

Now you have the chance to own this model.

Huge thanks to those good people who featured this project on their blogs.
Tranquility Base, BoingBoing, Wired, The Daily What, Brick Fanatics, Gimme Lego, Brothers Brick and Daily News Agency. You people are awesome.

Edit (27-7-2012) - Over half way there! Massive thanks to everyone who has supported so far! Keep those votes coming.

Dear LEGO - If this model makes it to the development stage, can I respectfully request that Mark Stafford handles the redesign? He is a good friend, and the best man to transform the Exo-Suit into an official LEGO set.

Now, imagine an army of these guys.

With your support the Exo Suit can be made into an official set.

You can make it happen - vote now!

Now with added boomsticks

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