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Infiltrator XR1


The Infilatror XR1 is a first generation prototype of the Xtreme Reconnaisance line.  This is completely a stealth vehicle which has passive cloaking to fulfill its mission of infiltrating even the most hostile of environments.  The reconnaisance packages in the rear enable picking up the "flea on a dog's back" at 50 clicks.  The space age frame and cantilevered body help deflect radar signals which serves to avoid detection while it roams the landscape seeking out the enemy.  While it does not have any significant offensive capability the hull is well armored to withstand simple explosive devices, as well any stray projectile that may come its way.  

If you need to infiltrate and scout an enemy position then look no further, pick up the XR1 and drive off knowing that the battlefield belongs to you!  

Disclaimer: The XR1 has not been fully tested in all possible conditions, your mileage may vary.

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