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This is my version of an awesome LEGO UFO spacecraft. It has all you need for an epic space mission. Its sleek and unique design allows for hours of fun for all ages. While designed for playability, it also looks great on display for a cool model. This UFO set has everything you need! It comes with a full functioning cockpit with two seats, a control panel, and landing gear. It comes with two alien minifigures and a controller/remote. To add on to the other features, this UFO has a lever in the back that activates a light brick. This allows for even more fun as you can watch the engine light up and then zoom away into your own space adventure. The design is very sturdy with plenty of moving parts for endless fun.

This was originally my space competition entry in the form of a Drivers Ed UFO, but then I thought that this would be such a cool set to have that I wanted to see what everybody else thought about it as a product idea. So I changed it a little to turn it into an awesome spacecraft that would go well with all the other space sets out there.

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