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Windmill And Wheat Field

Hello everyone,
The windmill project that I spent about 1 day of time on is here!

Some features about the set that I have designed for you with care and pleasure:
1) The design consists of exactly 2478 parts.
2) The mill is surrounded by a wheat field.
2) There are wooden fences around our field.
3) The windmill, which has a really movable propeller, is covered with pink wallflowers and vines.
4) There is also an authentic wooden frame around our set.
5) There is 1 railing in our set, a staircase leading to the upper floor, a horse carriage in which you can carry various things and a watering can be made for our horse to drink water.

It will be as enjoyable to do as it is to play, please do not forget to support our set.

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