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Philadelphia City Hall


This is a highly detailed model of the City Hall Building in Philadelphia, PA. 

In real life, this building was significant because, at the time when it was built in 1894, it was the tallest habitable structure in the world until 1908.  It was also the height limit for all buildings in Philadelphia until 1986 when the ordinance was finally lifted. It also has the largest statue to top any building in the world. The measurements of the real building are a full city block in length and width and a height of 567 feet.

The Lego version that you see here measures 52 studs square, and 90 bricks high and contains 12,114 bricks in total.  There are some interesting building methods at work here, and lots of attention to detail.  A fully gold minifig for the statue at the top, 4 all black minifigs, and 8 microfigs are also included with this set.  This set would be a beautiful display piece to rival the existing Taj Mahal, Tower Bridge, Eiffel Tower, and Sydney Opera House.

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