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I love pineapples and I love Lego. So why not build a life size pineapple with tons of detail in Lego. I spent roughly 10 hours designing it while I was building it. I ordered parts on Pick-a-Brick in large bulk I thought could be useful when building it. I went through like 5 different prototypes for the diamond-shaped pieces in the fruit part of the pineapple. The crest of the pineapple turned out as it looks the first time around designing it. I was super impressed getting the shape of the crest first try and getting the round octagon shape with hinge pieces. I was super excited when I found all the pieces in the same color to build the crest of the pineapple. I think people will enjoy building and displaying this pineapple that looks super realistic from only a few feet away. I used a super long technic beam to hold the crest of the pineapple together and hold the crest onto the pineapple. The fruit part is only 2 studs thick and there are beams and technic axle holes inside for structural support and to hold the crest on. And again I am super impressed how it turned out and hope it to become an official Lego Ideas set through all of your support. Thank you all :)

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