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Tintin Marlinspike Hall

This is my version of the original Marlinspike Hall, the home of Captain Haddock, based on the Anchor Bay TV series of Tintin (1992). Many of the stories feature this building, and the 2011 film Secret of the Unicorn captures this stunning building perfectly.

The model uses 605 bricks, which includes the furniture, Tintin, Snowy, and Captain Haddock.

Downstairs, there is a sitting room (on the left), which features 2 chairs, 2 glasses, a bottle, a table, and a fireplace, with a realistic fire. On the right, there is a study, which features a desk with a lamp, a chair, and 4 cupboards. Tintin, the Captain and snowy are in the entrance hall.
Tintin is wearing a hat, as there are no wigs with a quiff, so hopefully LEGO will make one. Snowy is currently a grey wolf, as there are no white ones, and Captain Haddock, has no sailor's jacket, as they do not exist in LEGO currently.
Upstairs, there are 2 bedrooms, each one has a bed, a chair and a cupboard. In the upstairs hall, there is a suit of armor, as featured in the films.

I am working on improving it, and I am currently working on a back section, feedback would also be great.

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