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Functional Billiards Table


What is it?

A working, playable, functional billiard table. I based it on a SHOOT Vegas Pool Table and tweaked it a little bit. I built it for 8-ball pool, but other cue games can be played on it too. It has all the features a normal pool table has such as the rubber cushions on the sides of the playarea and slides on the inside for the balls.

It includes:

-2 Pool Cues (with stand)

-Cue Ball

-15 Numbered Balls

-Removable Ball Collector

-Removable Top

I started the project by building the bass and the top (that was easier).The inside was way more complicated.You have to build the slides correctly and angle them precise.If one thing is wrong then the balls won't roll! Another difficult thing to build was the cues. If I had built them bigger then they wouldn't have been to scale, so I decided to go simpler.

Why I built it.

I wanted to build a set that you can interact with and play with. It may look small but it is functional. I myself play pool and wondered how it worked on the inside, so I took off the ball collector and peered inside for a better look.

Lego set?

It would make a pretty interesting set, especially because it is interactable and it can also be used as a brilliant display set! It can also even be retailed in sports shops!

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