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American Ninja Warrior!


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American Ninja Warrior is one of the fastest growing TV shows. More and more people are trying to conquer the obstacles, but what if you could build your own?! If this project reaches 10,000 supporters, it will have a chance at becoming a real LEGO set!

American Ninja Warrior really encompasses how fun an obstacle course can be. Fun is what LEGO is all about! An obstacle course that you have to complete without falling; this is a concept that anyone of all ages can understand!

Here you can see a complete tour of the American Ninja Warrior Course:

Not only is this course fun to build, but it is 100% modular, so you can make your own obstacles and create a longer course! This simple modular system encourages the builder to not just follow the instructions, but also build their own creations!

There are 6 obstacles in this course: [7 modules if you count the starting gate]

>The Quintuple Steps – Don’t rush this one or you’ll fall into the water early! 

>The Rolling Log – A challenging obstacle that makes you quite dizzy!

>The Trapeze Swing – Simple concept; swing from one bar to the other!     

>The Tuning Forks – This difficult balance obstacle has sent some of the best competitors into the water!

>The Devil's Steps – This obstacle is just like the stairs in your house… if the stairs are upside-down!

>The Warped Wall – One of the classics, yet still a challenge!


Help give this course a chance at becoming a real LEGO set by taking a moment to click the support button! If you really want to see this project achieve the 10,000 supporter goal, please share it on social media! Any kind of support is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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