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Lego Wind Turbine


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Need to make your LEGO Paradise more green, well here you go, the next addition. This LEGO wind turbine is Massive. It is 111 cm high and contains 866 bricks this is an ideal set for any LEGO lovers. this turbine doesn't just look amazing, it is amazing because of all of its features:

  • The turbine has a motor so it actually spins
  • The turbine motor has its own battery pack
  • The lights on the generator building use the Lego power functions lights to actually light up
  • The lights are run of a separate battery pack so they can be on separately to the motor
  • The roof can be removed easily from the building
  • It comes with two turbine engineer minifigures
  • The battery packs can be turned on and off from outside of the building
  • There is a board on the building for warning signs
  • The cables for the motor run inside of the turbine stem
  • The cables for the motor run under the hazard floor panels into the building
  • It comes with an engineers truck which features:
  1. tools
  2. safety barriers
  3. ladders
  4. flood lights
  5. trailer

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