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Sky Rider (LEGOLAND Windsor)

Sky Rider is a monorail-style attraction at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, which carries you around the Bricktopia (previously Imagination) area of the park. You can get brilliant views across Miniland, and it is great place to unwind and relax in the middle of a busy day at the park. This model was designed with Studio 2.0, which really helped with viewing different possibilities and iterations of the model. All of the submitted photos are rendered images. The model is comprised of 564 pieces, several of which are very large, including 2557c03, the hull, section, which is absolutely massive!

I built this model to remember the many happy memories, that not only I, but thousands and thousands of others have made on the attraction. Also, the ride vehicles are designed as if they are built from Lego bricks, so it really is a perfect fit! Also, the model is built at Miniland scale (the scale Miniland is built at, if you hadn't already guessed!), so even more, it would help to commemorate a visit to the park, and also the views you can get from the ride.

This would make a great Lego set because many families and individuals love to commemorate their ,possibly once in a life-time visit, and currently there are not many ways to do this.

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