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Rainbow Bubble Monkey


Soap Bubble Machine Version 2.0 (Soap Bubble Monkey)

When I first submitted my idea for a soap bubble machine made entirely out of LEGO, many people liked the project, but didn't support it for several reasons.

Thus, I didn't get enough support with the first version, but what I got was a lot of positive feedback. The feedback of some experienced users helped me to find out, why people didn't like the design. I listened to that feedback and tried to enhance my project concerning the design.
This is the result, version 2.0, that comes in the shape of a monkey. It really works very well and the smiling monkey gives it a friendly touch.
I guess the images and the video say more than words, and I really hope for your support!

Thank you for your time and any feedback!

If you want to see your children smile, build the Soap Bubble Monkey.

P.S.: I am not really happy with the design yet, so if I get support, I will further improve it.


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