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Metsys Ogels Magical Workshop

In the woods there lives a wizard named Metsys Ogel. He lives and creates magic in his cozy three-story house. In his workshop, he makes potions with his magic wand. His library contains an abundance of knowledge through books, and if he feels like it, Metsys can read the future with his magic globe. At night, he puts his hat on a hat rack and snuggles up into his warm bed and falls fast asleep. In the morning, he awakes to the sound of a unicorn prancing about outside.

In 1994, Majisto the wizard changed LEGO history forever. This was the first time that magic was formally commercialized by the LEGO group. Appearing in multiple sets, Majisto was a happy and good-hearted wizard dressed in a blue cloak and hat. I wanted to give a taste of that history with this set idea. “Majisto’s Magical Workshop” Was such a magical and unique kit that I felt deeply inspired by. I wanted to recreate the magic and uniqueness that came from that kit by adding elements referencing that kit. 

I think that this would be a great LEGO kit because it would bring back some of the original Castle theme. I am hoping that some of Majisto's magic can come back alive with this submission.

If you press the button under the tree, the fire under the cauldron lights up!

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