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Functioning Windmill

Enjoy a fun LEGO built windmill and learn a bit about the way windmills work at the same time!

The functions start inside, where two grindstones rub against each other when the shaft is turned. The box around the stones catches the flour and funnels it down into a lower box, or into a sack that the miller holds up to be filled. On top of the grindstones is a chute for the wheat, which falls through a small hole on the top grindstone and then gets ground in between the two stones.

Once you put on the easily removable round tower walls and the separated roof, you can see how the sails catch the wind.
And just like on a real windmill, the roof with the sails can turn all the way around, so the miller can catch the wind from the best angle!

This LEGO design would be a perfect addition to any medieval village or a great educational standalone set!

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