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Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GS (1930)


I love classic cars from the 1930s or 1920s, mainly the 1930s.

Those cars are classic cars called 'Old Timer' in English, instead of young timer, a car of a relatively close period.

(Of course, I know that the expression 'Old Timer' is derived from a word widely used in Germany and the Netherlands).

I tried to create a 'LEGO version MOC' of a classic roadster from the 1930s.

Among the Alfa Romeo 6C 1750, I made my MOC with a lot of reference to the GS or SS version, mainly the 6C 1750 GS (Gran Sport).

The Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 was introduced in Rome in 1929.

The 'Gran Sport' version of the 6C 1750 (6C 1750 GS) was released in "1930".

Most of that version produced at the time would have been a two-seater Spider with Zagato's bodywork.

And here's a brief introduction to my LEGO MOC Roadster.

  • My LEGO roadster consists of about 795 bricks.

  • Both doors of the vehicle can be opened.

  • Also, my LEGO MOC Roadster front wheels are steerable. The steering of the front wheel is interlocked with the steering wheel.

  • I made a LEGO MOC Roadster on a scale of about 1:14, similar to some of the cars in the LEGO Creator Expert series.

  • My LEGO MOC Roadster measures over 30.1 cm long, 15.2 cm wide and 10.6 cm high.

Please support my IDEA to make the romantic era yours! :)

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