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Lego Modular Ice Cream Candy Arcade


Everybody loves to go get a sweet treat once in awhile, so why not enjoy some classic video games as well. The first floor of this sweet place is a Ice Cream Parlor on the left and a sweet shop on the right. They is an assortment of chocolates, lollies, and more. The Ice Cream part has three flavors of Ice cream, and one flavor of sherbert. The top floor is the arcade, which includes a cash to coin machine, two player racers, a two player battleship game, pinball machine, a space fighters game, and five generic game machines. The color scheme is all primary colors, except for the one pink corner from when it used to be a pet salon (If lego chooses this please don't take that part out). The first set of people seen are two teenagers and two kids who are upstairs in the arcade. The second set are the employees and a customer.

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