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Sky Ship

I’ve always liked the great fantasy trope of a flying ship. This is my take on a “Sky Ship”.

Crewed by a family of two, I imagine this ship gliding between ports looking for work, doing cargo runs, just generally living the mercenary life.

This is a classic ship with a wooden hull. There are canopies to protect from the sun, and sails to assist with manoeuvring. Rudders and fins below would steer the ship. Ladders can be swung down for access, and strong chains would be used for docking.

The forward hull has below-deck storage compartments, and cargo would be stored on deck as well. 

Further, back there is a spacious mid-deck, for boarding, which includes a seating area.

Behind this is are the bunk areas, with washing facilities. On top is the command position, which provides a good view and is the natural place to steer.

At the rear is further seating, an outside cooking area, and a rear hatch for additional access.

There are hints of advanced technology built throughout the fabric of the vessel. There are screens around the control area, button access to the storage compartments and doors, screens in the bunk areas, and a fuel-less cooking stove. The whole ship is flying, so there must be antigravity boosters in the hull!

I would love to see this as an actual set. I really believe a whole theme of ‘Sky pirates’ would work well with LEGO. I think there is a lot of scope to do interesting sets in a new way. 

The main ship is made of 1,125 pieces. There are a few extras for the two stands.

Two minifigure characters to crew the ship. I’ve tried to go for a modern, but fantasy look to their clothes.

Thanks for the support!

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