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Cambon Boutique

Cambon Boutique was inspired by the beautiful Parisian architecture. The design consists of two parts, one is the boutique with 4 stories and the other part is the fashion runway stage which the stage was designed to be rotated.

Cambon building

📍Each level has its own door to be opened or closed for easily accessibility to play.

📍The 1st floor is the boutique with winding stairs, window display and handbag shelf.

📍The 2nd floor is the continuation of 1st floor displaying perfume and cloth. The perfume display and the chandelier are the highlight of this floor.

📍The 3rd floor was designed to be the room for the owner. With vintage furniture and blue curtains to create the Parian style.

📍The 4th floor is the roof garden with arch design and hanging green.

Fashion Runway Stage

📍The stage was designed to be movable so it will mimic the real runway show.

📍The whole stage was designed to be looked like a perfume with lights on the side.


📍10 minififigures: including 5 customers, 1 sales lady, 2 models and 2 photographers.

This is my first MOC and hope you like it as I do. Please give support to this set and make it happen to be real. Thank you very much!

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