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The House of the Violet Trident Set


The House of the Violet Trident Set

The main goal of this house set is create a new neighbourhood on the LEGO world!

This one includes the honoring house of the Violet Trident, where you can see the flaming candlelights, the honorable table with two trophy minifigures, two violet ladybugs, and several chairs. On each side of the doors house you can see two trident banners.

The mobile roof was made thinking on playing with the two main minifigures, and others, inside of the house.

To complete the set you have trees, plants and fences, and of course the two minifigures: the Violet Warrior Wizard and the Young Apprentice.

It's not a difficult set, it uses easy bricks, it's fun to build and of course it will be more fun to play with it.

Hope you like the idea! :)

... And why not start a new LEGO neighbourhood? ;)

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