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SWTOR Red Blade

This set is based off of the Imperial Agent class in the computer game Star Wars the Old Republic. The Empire had sent you on a "diplomatic" mission to the Hutts on Nal Hutta. Your mission was to create sympathy for the Empire amongst the Hutts. To do this, you were given the identity of the Red Blade, a mysterious, mass murdering pirate. The beauty of this plan is that no one has seen who or what he is, thanks to his armor. This gives you the advantage. When your mission was complete, you begin leaving Nal Hutta when the agent who had given you the identity called, saying the real Red Blade was on his way. You then go to confront him.

What happens here is up to you. Will you discuss the reason for stealing his identity (truthfully or not), or will you kill him? For me, I figured I would kill him.

Immediately, you take cover behind cargo crates. Once the Red Blade is dead, you board a shuttle and fly off the Hutt’s dust pile.

Here, we have two minifigures, plus one random figure. The minifigures to the far left is the Red Blade. Next to him is Kaliyo Djannis. Next is our friend the red minifigures, who represents the random agents that you can get. For the random minifigures, we have (from left to right) a Male Chiss, a Male Cyborg, a Male Human, a Female Rattataki, and a Female Zabrak.
I hope you like this set. If you have any ideas of improvement, please let me know.

Edition 2 Update, December 2, 2013, 5 Supporters.
Addition: Platform with computer. Computer immobile.

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