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Jurassic Park T-Rex Paddock


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      This is my idea for a LEGO Jurassic Park set, based off the iconic scene from the spectacular 1993 Steven Spielberg film Jurassic Park. This set could include (as I did) two Ford Explorer XLT Tour Vehicles a small part of the fence, which LEGO could use flexible pieces so that the fence can "break" just like in the movie. The bathroom which is easy to collapse, a strip of road and the two gates at the end of Tyrannosaurus Rex Paddock viewing area.

      I based the Explorers off the LEGO game LEGO Jurassic World, so as to make them as realistic as possible, the fence has warning lights at the top of the four posts, each Explorer has two flares, and a flashlight. If it becomes a finished product it could also include a pair of the goggles like Tim wears in the movie. This set would include five minifigures and a T-Rex, Alan Grant, Ian Malcom, Donald Gennaro, Lex Murphy (who is slightly taller than Tim due to two layers of 1x1 plates) and Tim Murphy.  Updates are coming as soon as I make them and I hope to add POV Ray Renderings soon, feel free to share your ideas! Until then please help support this project to 10,000 supporters so that it can become a real LEGO set!






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