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Brick Hospital


Where do you go when you have broken your leg? Or you’re going to get a baby? True, to the hospital. But where should the minifigures in your modular city go to? They do need also a hospital, especially a children’s hospital!

The façade of this four-story building is inspired by a standing brick 2 x 4 in dark turquoise / teal. On the ground floor, there are both the reception with a computer on a desk and a huge file cabinet and a cafeteria with many food and drink. One floor further up, you can find the babies’ station with two baby beds, a changing table, some medicine, a chair for breastfeeding and an incubator for premature babies. The children’s station is located in the third floor, where the children have enough space and toys to play after e.g. a surgery. Of course, they will also need a bed! In addition, it is possible to measure their height and weight and write the data into the file on the computer. On the third floor, there are the operating room and the recovery room. Through the trapdoor on the roof, the emergency patients can be brought from the helicopter (not included due to parts limitation) into the operating room.
Next to the actual hospital, an elevator lifts the doctors and patients to the floor they need to go to. You can operate it by turning a little gear on the roof. The main entrance of the hospital features a functional door: if you push on a brick on the back of the model, the door opens. Behind the hospital, a little garden allows the recreation of the patients. Also, there is another entrance with a ramp for the wheelchairs. An ambulance is also included, where the patients can be transported with.
I’ve built the model with 2963 parts, 5 minifigures and 2 babies, so in total with 2987 parts. All parts are existing in the used colours. The hospital measures 32 x 32 x 56 studs, the car 20 x 8 x 9 studs, both together weigh 3278 g.

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