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The Martian Rover


Mark Watney is stranded on Mars.

Completely alone.

But there is hope...

YOU can help Mark survive with this Rover play set! Help him locate the Pathfinder robot and enable him to send messages back to Earth. This rover design is movie accurate and looks great either as a display model or a playable toy.

This set has many playable features which encourages narrative play, including:

  • opening cockpit
  • rover articulation
  • cargo crane
  • oxygen tanks
  • Pathfinder robots
  • message sign
  • tool kit

Playing with the Mark Watney minifigure, you can drive the rover, load and unload the two cargo sections, help him fix Pathfinder and set up communication signs to transmit back to Earth. The design of the rover uses minimal parts.

Some possible items to improve:

  • Printed cockpit computer tile
  • Pearl gold-coloured wheel hubcaps
  • Printed "Are you receiving me?" sign
  • Using swivel articulation instead of ball joints for the rover chassis?

Thank you for looking at my design. If you have any questions please ask! 

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