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Big Supersonic Jet


This is a prototype of the big supersonic passenger jet inspired by Concorde. This is newest one. It is huge - about 3 ft long and almost 3,000 bricks.

A collaboration between French and British aircraft designers resulted in the supersonic Concorde, which entered service in 1976. The only aircraft to regularly provide supersonic service, Concorde took passengers from Paris to New York in 2 hours and 59 minutes, flying at 1350 mph. Concorde was traveling so fast that heat generated from air friction caused its body made from exotic titanium alloys to expand in flight, opening 6 inch gap between interior body panels. Though not widely known, Concorde was as agile as a fighter jet. British Airways pilot Brian Walpole performed a barrel roll maneuver in the Concorde during flight test.

I always wanted to built a big colorful model of this remarkable and historic supersonic jet. I hope you will like it!

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