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Sojourner Mars Rover


The Sojourner is half of the mars pathfinder mission,(it is the robotic rover part, the
other part is the station it came in with)

The rover features a rocker-bogie system that helps it go though 
rocks and obstacles while still achieving stability. 

It is the 1st rover to set foot on mars, followed by spirit and curiosity
but unlike the newer rovers, the sojourner was very small and very light in comparison.

The rover is powered by the sun, where the entire top part of the rover is covered with solar panels that charge its batteries allowing it to power not only its wheels, but its communication arrays, as well as other scientific equipment it has on board.

Set Features:

  • A Rocker - Bogie System
  • solar panels! 

Set Includes:

  •  1 Sojourner Mars Rover

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