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Modular Police Station


This Police Station is my second MOC. It's inspired by the LEGO Modular Building series. I used aproxametly 2.300 parts in it. I got the idea when I saw (and bought) the LEGO Chima Jungle Gate (70104). I fell imediatly in love with the lionhead stones and wanted to build something with it. because of the minifigures series NY cop the decision was easily made to build a New York style policestation. Because I liked the idea of th space-saving solution of the elevator in the LEGO Townhall (10224) I copied this. In the beginning I wanted to build an interigation room, gym, dressing room, larger jail. But that would mean I would end up with a 3 or 4 floor building and that wouldn't fit in with the other buildings. I ended up with: sergeants office, big office, a hall on the 1st floor, small jail, waiting room, reception and a arms-room. I'm particulary fond of the small details on the back of the building.

Hope you enjoy watching it.

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