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Velox concept craft

привет LEGO fans! (that's Russian for "hello") I give you my first boat: Velox (which is Latin for "swift" (don't you just love Google translate?)) This boat incorporates some basic Mindstorms technology with a battery box under the wheel house, a multi-way switch near the stern, and two motors driving twin propellers. And since I'm not sure how much forward thrust this configuration will produce I added the outboard motor for good measure.

As the title suggests this is a concept craft intended to simply test one or more ideas, in this case motorized air propulsion, but also the idea of more advanced parts without somehow compromising the creative freedom of the LEGO building system.

I just hope it works.

Comes with two minifigures, various containers and crates that may hold tools and other gear. I'm thinking of adding a dock or something. I could use your input so make sure you leave a comment!

Leave a comment, tell me what you think, check out my other projects and tell me about yours.

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