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Ready, Set, Film



Have you ever wanted to make a Lego studio. If you did you're lucky because I made a filming set.

the set comes with:

-1 big camera crane

You can get anywhere with it's camera. To keep the camera up you get a piece to hold it up, you can remove that piece so you cane move the crane freely.

-2 small cranes

This cranes are made to get just a bit of the ground. It's tall as a minifigure and a half.

-3 studio cameras

This camera doesn't use the Lego camera instead it's all brick build. The camera has a handle so a minifigure can rotate it.

-1 tripod camera

This camera will serve you as camera to go. It's supposed to represent those cameras that are very easy to move and set-up.

-2 light stands

You know, in photography industry, those big shiny umbrellas. Well those are used as reflectors. That's what thoes are, reflectors.

-1 photo camera

There isn't much about this photo camera. It's a normal Lego camera but with few more pieces.


This set consist of 156 bricks. So it would cost around $15.
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