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Queen 'Miracle Express'

Everybody knows and loves Queen. And a great many people love the magic and wonders of railways. For the music video of Breakthru, a GWR 38xx locomotive was used along with a flatbed wagon to be customised into the wonder stage on rails. It is one of the most unique train sets I have ever seen and became a go-to build for me.

I am a lego train builder and have been for over a decade. I have captured the shape of many locomotives and will build more as time goes on. This set is one of my finest creations in a number of ways, and hopefully you will be able to have this set yourself if this reaches 10,000 supporters!

The decals were accomplished by using coloured card and lining tape. Should this become a set, these would become prints or larger proper made stickers. The text of 'Miracle Express' took two attempts and whilst not the cleanest, I do not have any other means of making a cleaner decal.

This is made using the older 'power functions' system due to availability and familiarity, though using the current 'powered up' would provide more power in the motors and would fits Lego's current system.

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