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The Enforcer Recharged

The Enforcer is back and better than ever before!

The Enforcer is a fully motorised remote control Technic off road vehicle. The vehicle has a police theme and is loosely based on the Hummer H2 but many subtle changes have been made to obey copyright restrictions.

NOTE: The Enforcer shouldn't be just considered as a definite model design but also as the general concept of a police themed Technic vehicle which is currently absent from the Technic series.

The Enforcer was originally an entry for the ‘You Design It, We Make It’ competition but ended up coming in second place to rm88’s ‘Boss’ crawler. However I do not think that it is the end of the road for the Enforcer.

Note: I could only fit an overview of the model here, for more information, visit my Eurobricks topic:

The Enforcer Recharged is a massive overhaul of the original Enforcer. Firstly, as this is CUUSOO, the original 9398 chassis could not be used any more, so the chassis has undergone a massive redesign to adapt it specially to the Enforcer’s needs. The winch has now been motorised and all lights are now power functions. The battery box has now been changed to a 8878 rechargeable battery box which reduces weight massively (by about 160g) and is more convenient. There is now no need to remove the battery box so this allowed major part optimisations to be made. The result is this, The Enforcer Recharged:

The Enforcer Elite is the most sophisticated version of the Enforcer Recharged with flashing police lights, a powered piston engine and a powered winch as well as the power functions front and rear lights and RC 4 wheel drive with front wheel steering.

The Enforcer Standard issue has mostly the same bodywork as the Enforcer Elite but does not include powered flashing police lights, a piston engine or winch to reduce the part count. The Standard Issue and the Elite both have a rear roof section which can be removed for an alternate form.

The Enforcer Rapid Response shares the same functions as the Enforcer Standard Issue but has the entire roof removed for a whole new look and a lighter and faster feel along with a further reduced part count.

Statistics of each version and the chassis are available on the Eurobricks page.

Below is a render showing the potential for stickers on this model:

For more information and diagrams about the chassis, physics of the model, function workings etc, visit:

Thank you for taking your time to read this, all support is greatly appreciated!

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