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Daft Punk "Alive2014"


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The Project is to create an official Lego Cuusoo Box from the "Alive 2007" tour of Daft Punk :
Best show ever...

Go to my youtube channel to see it "Alive"

The idea came when my 5 year's old boy, Otis, asked me why the Daft Punk have Helmets?!?
I told him, it was to be relax on their real human life... and he said : "Like Superheroes" !!!
So like, Batman, Spiderman and other Superman, i decided to create a Lego Project for our new superheroes : Daft Punk.

"A time has come to make a decision : are we in this thing alone, or we in it TOGETHER ?"
I need your support, let's click !!

The idea is to put a stand for every kind of Smartphones.
The way is to diffuse little audio/video sequences thru Smartphone to live the show at home !!! (Downloadable content via activation code into the box..)

The Daft Punk's minifigures are made with Stickers, the way is to create official Lego Minifigures of the 2 French Robots. With real Helmets created by Lego. Maybe several visors could be included into the box.. (Different Words for Thomas Bangalter's helmet and different colors for Guy Manuel de homem christo's helmet..)

Get into Backstage !!!

Complete Backstage line with "on/off switch" to activate Led's in the Pyramide.
Lot of Machinery, Computers and a mini-bar for after show...

Amazing Audience !!!

Up to 80 minifigures can assist to the Show...
The way is to put your own Lego Minifigures at home to see the performance...

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