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Books and Crannies

"Books and Crannies was a place of wonder." -Andrew Peterson 
This build recreates the book store from Andrew Peterson's On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness in just over 2100 pieces. The top floor is the living quarters of Oskar N. Reteep, self-proclaimed "appreciator of the neat, the strange, and/or the yummy." This floor also includes a telescope set up to look out of a hatch in the roof. The second floor contains, most notably, innumerable books, a reading area, a moving ladder, and several curiosities, including the snotwax candle. The first floor holds countless more books, a few more odds and ends, Oskar's office, a hidden map, and the entrance to a secret cellar under Oskar's office. The trapdoor is opened by pressing down on Oskar's desk, this pushes up on the rug in the office revealing the cellar, holding only a few emergency rations.

Whether you have read the Wingfeather saga or not we hope that you like this build and support it. 

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