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Space Pirate Capslocke Wing Fighter

Deep in space, travelers from different dimensions seek to colonize and plunder unionized settlements. Fast and well armed, they are ready to disable any starship that is ripe for plunder. This model is based on wanting a spaceship that is both fast and well armed. Capslocke Wing Fighters are essential to taking down union capital ships in order to allow free space to remain free.

I’m joining two of my favorite classic themes into one cohesive imaginative universe. When I was a kid, building LEGO was great, but when pieces ran short, I had to steal from other sets in other themes, limiting the way I could play with them, unless…they crossed dimensions and existed in the same universe!
I loved when dinosaurs showed up in a  spaceship in The LEGO Movie 2 and the concept of LEGO Dimensions. Combining two favorite classic themes here made sense to maximize fun! Sci-fi crosses universes and dimensions often. Why not LEGO? In the future I would love to crossover pirate, castle, cowboy, and Star Wars. A steampunk theme makes a lot of sense in theme crossovers, too. This is just the beginning!

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