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Adventurers Theme-Based Minifigure Display


Hello Lego Maniacs!

I’d like to share my Lego Ideas Project with you. 

The Idea itself, at its simplest level, is a Custom Lego Theme-based Mini-figure display. For my submission to Lego Ideas, I’ve chosen to build a theme based mini-figure display based on the Adventurers line. (The Desert theme, to be specific). The Adventurers Theme is one of the greatest themes that Lego has ever produced. I remember having a handful of these sets back when they came out and they were fantastic. Back before licensing really started, Lego had to come up with their own themes. I know it seems eerily similar to another pop culture movie franchise from the 80’s but hey, who cares. It’s still one of the greatest themes that Lego has produced. The theme also includes some of the best mini-figures of all time. (Johnny Thunder, Pharaoh Hotep and Baron von Barron, Sam Sinister, come on..)

The idea came together when I was thinking about having a small display for some of my favorite figures. I did some research and found out that current Mini-figure displays are bland and fall short of mediocre. They make for an efficient way to display large quantities of figures but lack the “wow” factor and worthiness as a great display piece.

Here, I’ve outlined the goals of the project.


  • Prominently display characters 

  • Capture the essence of the Lego theme in the display

  • Use building techniques and bricks from the theme

  • Add a play function 

  • Easter eggs - rewarding you for having Adventurers knowledge 

  • No corny jokes from Pharaoh Hotep (Lego magazine reference) 

Size: 32 studs wide x 16 studs deep
Piece count: 500

Will this become a set?? Only you, the Lego Ideas Supporter, can make that happen.

The adventure begins.

Thank you for your support.

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