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Minecraft: World Builder Pack

As most of us know, LEGO will be producing minifigure-scale Minecraft sets. I immediately jumped on the idea. So I present the Minecraft : World Builder Pack!

The purpose of this project is to have a small set about $6-7 USD set to build up your Minecraft sets and worlds. Should this project get 10,000 supporters and be produced by LEGO before the new Minecraft sets come out, it could be like a preview set. The set includes:

-4 Grass Blocks
-3 Dirt Blocks
-2 Sand Blocks
-3 Water Blocks
-1 Rushing Water
-6 Stone Blocks
-1 Coal Ore Block
-1 Gravel Block
-1 Enderman

I would like the Enderman to be redesigned, featuring the new block head mold and the Toy Story theme's Woody and Jessie arms and legs. The designs for the blocks are modeled after the current prototypes. Should the prototype designs change, please tell me and I will update it as soon as possible.

Thank you for viewing! If you would like to see a preview set for the upcoming sets, please support!

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