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Helicopter Landing Site


          This project features a small cargo helicopter with a crew and landing pad. The helicopter fits perfectly onto the pad and has the unique function of multiple propellers. When the main propeller is spun, the three other ones will spin in unison. This set also comes with a cargo packing cart with adjustable height and some Lego sets to load from the cart into the back of the helicopter through the door on the side. The helicopter seats one pilot and is small and relatively easy to build. The two other minifigures in this set are the tarmac worker that loads the helicopter and the worker that guides takeoff. This set is very playable as it allows for the pickup and delivery of cargo from a detailed helicopter pad.

Build info

  • This project has three main builds, a small cargo helicopter, a landing pad, and a cargo transport
  • This project comes with three minifigures, a pilot and two tarmac workers
  • This set has 450 pieces and would be a relatively easy build, good for most children

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