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Ultimate Fire Engine

Finally a realistic Lego Fire engine for minifigures

The true heroes of Lego City deserves a real fire engine when they move out to risk their lives while saving others. That means a truck with seats for all four crew members, and enough storage space for firefighting equipment and rescue tools. 


  • Realistic recreation of real life fire engines, minifig size.
  • Detailed interior in the cabin with radios, GPS, IR camera, flashligts and binoculars. 
  • Flexible storage space for different kinds of equipment
  • All doors and hatches can open/close
  • Several connection point for hoses and cables
  • 4 minifigures including 2 smoke divers, 1 incident commander and 1 driver/pump operator
  • Lots of different equipment, based on the inventory of real life fire engines
  • Sturdy model with lots of playing potential
  • The model can easily be built in other colors to match your own country's fire engines. 
  • 583 parts

Unleash the power and playfulness of a true Lego fire engine!

This model was made in Bricklink Studio. Although it is a brilliant piece of software, it lacks a lot of the decorated tiles and stickers available in real life. If Lego were to make this model, I´m sure it would be fitted with perfect stickers and decorations :-)

Thank you so much for your support, suggestions, comments or questions.

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