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Beautiful Beauty Shop


From the LEGO friends sets, I present a brand new set I that thought of for the citizens of Heartlake city! The shop belongs to Emma, the artistic girl of the group, and sometimes the diva. 

Purpose: It is meant for the citizens of Heartlake city, so that they may walk in and get their hair and their makeup done!

Inside: Inside there is a little place for window shopping, a cashier desk, a hair dressers workplace, and a makeup booth.

Outside: Outside there are two stands, a newspaper stand and little produce stand. Andrea’s friend Erika runs the produce stand and Emma’s friend Eva runs the newspaper stand.

Characters: 1- Emma! She is the one with the black hair and overalls! She is very artistic!

                   2- Andrea! She is the brown haired girl in the purple shirt! She is drama queen, but sweet!

                   3- Kayli! She is the one with the long wavy brown hair and the light blue outfit! She is                       funny, nice and is a great friend!

                  4- Zoé! She is the one with the blond French braid! She is sweet and very smart!

                  5- Erika! She is selling the apples and bread! She is a friend of Andrea and is silly and sometimes acts crazy, but that’s what everyone loves about her!

                  6- Sarina! She is the one with the motorcycle! She is very crazy, and always makes people laugh! She is a good friend of Zoé!

                  7- Allison! She had the green shirt and ponytail!she is athletic, loyal, and a huge reader! She loves sports!

                  8- Eva! The one with the short curly brown hair! Eva is impulsive but an amazing friend! She loves animals, and she loves playing around! She is very dramatic!

I hope you like this set!

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