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Alien UFOs

I was looking on a website for LEGO and I found quarter-circle, silver pieces.  I thought they looked great and I bought eight of them so that I could make two UFOs   I found the pieces in other colours, so I bought more of them.  Then I bought appropriate alien minifigures and domes.  And so the Alien UFOs were born!

Two of the alien minifigures had regal-looking clothes and with the silver UFO pieces, and lower, silver bricks, I decided to call them The Alien King and Queen of Space.  The Alien King has gold epaulettes on a black jacket, and a neon-yellow dome.  The Alien Queen has a pink and black dress and a neon-blue dome.

Some of the quarter-circle pieces I bought were black, so I made the rest of the solid, coloured LEGO on that UFO black as well.  The additional pieces of transparent LEGO I made as bright as possible.  And with a more mean-looking alien and clear dome I had made the Alien Stealth fighter.

Other quarter-circle pieces were bluish-grey and I bought a calmer-looking alien.  I made a pilot school, teacher's UFO, and with two smaller white and blue UFOs, smaller alien pupils and smaller domes I made students of the Alien Flying School.  The teacher has white and blue buttons in his UFO to take control of either ship if he needs to.

I think these models are very original and look great, so I would very much appreciate your vote.

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