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Dragon End


My ideas I think are, and will mostly circle around machines to monsters to cars, those are the areas I am more interested in, but what I would really like is to turn LEGO back into a very age-open producing line. You see, I have been constantly dissapointed recently because the models LEGO has been launching are becoming simpler and simpler, and that is not right, that is not what LEGO is supposed to be. I trust there are others out there who agree with me, I know it is all about what sells best, but I can tell you, for people like me, people who enjoy challeges, it is not what once was, so, if my humble opinion si ever to be heard I say this, LEGO must be enjoyable for all ages, must be fun and easy, or fun but challenging depending on the person, and the day see the company si what was before, if it ever comes, will be like a dream come true.

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